Welcome to Saint Bernard Barrels

Back in 1999, Dan got his father, Dan Sr., started selling stuff on Ebay.  Dan Sr.  came up with the great idea of making Saint Bernard Barrels and selling them online. His business grew and a few years later, they set up his first website. 

After 12 years, Dan Sr. decided that he wanted to retire in the summer of 2013. Not wanting the business to disappear, Dan took over and started a new website in March of 2014. He added a few social media presences like a Facebook and Instagram page and also started selling some new product lines. These include, barrels that are laser engraved and personalized on the side to allow people to see the engraving while your pet is wearing the barrel, and he started offering personalized tumblers! Then he added dog collars with barrel hardware so that your barrel / keg can be attached to it while on a leash. 

In 2018, Dan sold all but one share of the business to his buddy Steve and "retired" from barrels business himself. After 19 years, we have worked hard to bring you the best quality barrels at a competitive price! 

Our quality control standards are the prime reason we've been in the business as long as we have with as many repeat customers as we have. We believe that nothing tops quality. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at sales@saintbernardbarrels.com or (765) 216-5498. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving your barrel needs for a long time to come!